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    The begining of DOLMAR

    In the year 1927 Dolmar built his first chainsaw that worked with gasoline. This first chainsaw weighed 58 kg and 2 people were needed for its use. The first test was conducted at Mount Dolmar (Thuringia, Germany) since then the user needs have directed both the manufacturing and sales philosophy of the brand. Today they are not only the oldest chainsaw company but also have a recognized reputation.

    DOLMAR technology

    Dolmar Chainsaws have been created with ergonomic principles in mind. The design is adapted to the demands of forestry work, allowing work without fatigue. A good position that was obtained thanks to the balanced distribution of the weight to allow a good job in all positions.

    Dolmar has a wide range of professional products of gardening, agriculture, etc ... as well as for private use being the most suitable for this type of work.

  • Duraval
  • LCP


  • Losung


    The beginning of Montana Colors

    In 1994, Jordi Rubio and his friend Miquel Galea founded Montana Colors. The objective was clear, to produce a spray for the demands of graffiti writers, that had an excellent quality, with a wide range of colors and an adjusted cost. That same year, they manufactured the first 200 ml bottle in 60 colors that allow clean strokes, and enjoy good pressure.

    Montana Hardcore

    The first international exports began the following year. Post-Olympic Barcelona is full of free walls, which causes many writers from all over the world to return with their backpacks full of Montana products. Montana Hardcore was born in 1996, 400 ml and a high pressure make it the most emblematic boat. Continue the innovation with the birth of the "Donut" a plastic identifier that avoids painting your fingers to know what color is in the boat.

    After suffering a smear campaign they return and continue to manufacture revolutionary products. In 2008, they launched an aerosol line of the highest quality called MTN 94. Quick drying and low pressure make the 94 an easy-to-handle spray. 4 years later they make an update of their most popular product, the Hardcore, although it maintains its main characteristics, it has a new formulation with a much faster drying and an excellent covering in all its colors.

  • PMQ


    PMQ paints

    PMQ paints are specialists in exterior and interior paints.

  • PQS


  • Reveton
  • Revisur
  • Rodapin


    Rualaix Masks

    More than half a century ago, Manuel Baixauli Pons, entrepreneur and economist trained in the world of chemistry with the specialty of Matières Plastiques decided to create a small company dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of products to the construction sector called Baixens. At present, the company has several corporate headquarters located in Spain, France, Portugal and Italy.

    One of its best known products is Rualaix, mastics for both indoor and outdoor and again helps to eliminate mold.



    Mr. Vic Swerts founded in 1966 SOUDAL and quickly positioned himself as one of the leading manufacturers of silicone sealants.

    History of SOUDAL

    The founder bought in Antwerp a company specialized in welding materials and manufacture of polyester putties for the repair of bodies. A few years later he moved to Turnhout, an area that would become the main headquarters in 1976. It was from that year on that the great expansion of SOUDAL began thanks to its magnificent location. With this improvement come enlargements of both production and sales facilities.

    SOUDAL at present.

    Currently it has offices in any part of the world. China, Germany, London are just some of the headquarters of this Belgian company. In 2011, it was proclaimed the company of the year in Belgium

  • Tollens



    Like Revéton, alp or Duraval belong to the group Cromology. Tollens combines research with tradition thus giving a wide range of paintings for both professionals and individuals.

  • VMD


    VMD: Technology in Aerosols

    In 1994, VMD Italia was founded, first with products for the automotive sector. industrial and later produced paintings and medical spray devices. The formulas of all its products are developed internally. It is not until 2010 when VMD Spain comes to light, to improve both the service and its customer service



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