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The begining of DOLMAR

In the year 1927 Dolmar built his first chainsaw that worked with gasoline. This first chainsaw weighed 58 kg and 2 people were needed for its use. The first test was conducted at Mount Dolmar (Thuringia, Germany) since then the user needs have directed both the manufacturing and sales philosophy of the brand. Today they are not only the oldest chainsaw company but also have a recognized reputation.

DOLMAR technology

Dolmar Chainsaws have been created with ergonomic principles in mind. The design is adapted to the demands of forestry work, allowing work without fatigue. A good position that was obtained thanks to the balanced distribution of the weight to allow a good job in all positions.

Dolmar has a wide range of professional products of gardening, agriculture, etc ... as well as for private use being the most suitable for this type of work.



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